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Training and Development

Our Officers are required to complete over 110 hours of training, including 40 hours of coursework required by the State of California, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

All officers are responsible for completing their own coursework as required by BSIS, including 40 hours for new guards and 8 hours per year for guards who received their Guard Card prior to June, 2004.



Community & Customer Public Relations4 hours
Observation & Documentation 4 hours
Communication and its Significance4 hours
Aspects of Liability & Legality 4 hours
Company Policies & Orientation3 hours
Post Orders and Assignment4 hours
Radio Procedures 2 hours
Trespass Enforcement4 hours
Adult, Child & Infant CPR/First Aid 8 hours
Baton Permit10 hours
Chemical Agents 3 hours
Work Place Violence 4 hours
Driver Safety 4 hours
Evacuation Procedures2 hours
TOTAL HOURS 60 hours

All officers are also required to complete the following Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) BASIC TRAINING courses within six months from date of employment.



IS-29210 hoursDisaster Basics
IS-12010 hoursAn Orientation to Community Disaster
IS-7 10 hoursA Citizen’s Guide to Disaster Assistance
IS-27110 hoursAnticipating Hazardous Weather & Community

All officers who have completed Security Officer Basic Training and FEMA Basic Training are encouraged to complete additional training through our Security Officer Continuing Education program.


Criminal Laws 2 hours
Handling Difficult People 4 hours
Officer Survival 4 hours
Preserving the Incident/Scene 4 hours
Courtroom Demeanor 4 hours

Officers who have successfully completed and excelled in Security Officer Basic Training and FEMA Basic Training may become eligible to begin Patrol/Supervisor Advance Training. Candidates are required to complete all Patrol/Supervisor Advance Training coursework before advancement to Patrol/Supervisor status.


Arrest, Search & Seizure4 hours
Crowd Control 4 hours
Parking & Traffic Control2 hours
Performance Appraisal/Evaluation2 hours
Scheduling/Auditing 2 hours

Achates Security Officers are encouraged to participate in classes offered to obtain POST certification. Successful completion of all three classes satisfies the curriculum requirements of the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and Penal Code 832.6 for Module B, Level II, Reserve Officer.

ADJ 102 PC832 Arrest and Firearms ADJ 106 Level II Reserve Officer A ADJ 107 Level II Reserve Officer B

Officers who successfully pass all three classes while employed with Achates and present proof of completion will be reimbursed for the tuition fee associated with these courses.